Learn to: Counter a southpaw, Fight off the ropes, Cut down the boxing ring, fight your way out of the corner, float like a butterfly and lots more ! WIN your next fight…
For just $25.00 you’ll be sent the ENTIRE Footwork training System including:
  •  ALL 47 instructional videos
  • WRITTEN instructions for you to follow and map your progress
  • FULL diagrams for the ‘lines system’ for you to pain in your boxing ring
  • ATTRACTIVE Footwork System Instructions board design for you to print and display in your boxing club
  • YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL LEARNING PLAN – a plan for you / your clients to follow that you can personalise for each client
  • Note: The Footwork system does NOT contain a mat, it contains the designs for you to paint the lines wherever you require.
"I wish I had known all of these drills early in my career" 
- Paul Forrest ex Professional Boxer- Sydney Australia
"We have the lines painted on the gym floor and it helps to have a visual aid so the boxers can practise with. Footwork wins fights especially at top level – it gives them the winning edge" 
- Chris Boyle - Leeds
"Once a month our coaches sit down to watch the drills- we call it staff training. Never before has anyone put all of the drills a boxer needs into one easily accessible place. This makes the job so much easier" 
- Adrian Ford- London
"The footwork training system saves us coaches so much time in the gym. We have an iPad on the wall which the young boxers select the drill the coach gives them, they then watch the on screen demo and repeat what they see on the footwork lines. They then progress to pads or a bag and then ultimately into sparring. As coaches of a very busy club we can get spread a bit thin at busy times and the footwork training system really helps. ALL of the skills are directly transferrable to the boxing ring"
- Michael Burgess - Waterfront Boxing Club, Leicester