Who Else Wants To Increase Their Health, Boost Their Immune System, Tone Up & Improve Their Boxing technique With Our Online Boxercise Fitness Training 
During the COVID19 outbreak we would like to help you and your kids remain active, healthy and happy during this time.
The Boxercise challenge is perfect for all the family so you and your loved 
ones can enhance your physical and mental wellbeing, get fit & have fun together! 
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With The Challenge You'll:

With Our Fitness Experts You'll: 

  • Massively Improve your health
  • ​Be able to keep the family entertained while they get fit!
  • ​Build Your Immunity 
  • ​Improve Your Boxing Technique 
  • ​Decrease stress & anxiety 
  • Tone up & look great

What's Included

  • ​​3 live workouts per week for Beginners to advanced
  • ​​Mindfulness Sessions for mental health
  • ​​Private Coaching group to keep you accountable
  • ​​Unlimited on demand access to pre recorded workouts
  • ​​Equipment free workouts
  • ​​Ultimate Access To our boxing drills vault
About Boxercise
Boxercise started 20 years ago and almost immediately became known as the world's leading boxing fitness training provider. Boxercise runs hundreds of Boxercise training courses a year, training thousands of fitness instructors, teachers and PTIs. There are now 2.1 million people participating in Boxercise classes and to date Boxercise have 20,000+ people who have qualified as instructors.
About The Founder Of Boxercise
Andy Wake is the founder of Boxercise and for the last 30 years he's been on the forefront of the fitness industry. 

Thanks to Boxercise and the 25,000+ Instructors, people from around the world are regaining their fitness, overcoming health issues, improving confidence and increasing general health! 

Week in and week out, Andy still puts the Boxercise gloves on to teach/coach children as young as 5 through to teenagers, busy professionals, professional sports teams, amateur athletes, new mums and senior citizens. In fact the oldest Boxercise participant to date is 85!
What People Say About Boxercise

"Brilliant Exercise Class , I haven’t enjoyed going to a fitness class this much EVER" 

- Lisa Parkhurst 

"I have very little motivation to do exercise when I’m on my own, so it was really good having you in my living room, knowing that you would be able to see me and knowing that you will never allow me to slack off.
It was also really nice to be able to see people from my class as well as it made me feel connected and less isolated.

- Rachel Raphael

"I’ve got 2 young lads who are literally climbing the wall since social isolation. Thank goodness Boxercise gives them an outlet for aggression there’s only so much painting and cookery we can do stuck inside! Never mind their mental health – I would lose mine if it weren’t for these sessions."

-Matt 41, Leicestershire 

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